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Finishing Touches


Add drama to your pool with a Sam Light. Set your pool or spa to a single color or spin through its seven color wheel spectrum.

  • Fits all full size Pentair/PacFab/American/Purex niches
  • 4,000 hour halogen life minimizes relamping frequency
  • Same 3-wire installation as standard pool light
  • 3 Year limited warranty

Tile, Mosaics and Coping

Coping is the one foot section on the outside of the pool that separates the pool from the decking. This is covered with flagstone, quartzite, brick, or stamped cantilever. We should receive your tile and coping choices no later than the shotcrete phase.

You will need to choose your waterline tile and step design. There are several different companies you can visit to see the tile in person or you can go online for samples. Your contract includes up to $5 dollar per square foot for tile. Click here to see a list of the standard tile choices available. We would be happy to provide you with a price should you decide on another tile design. Deco tiles and Mosaics are not included in you contract and can be installed for an additional charge. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Mosaics are decorative tile that can be sporadically placed throughout your pool. These are not typically included in your contract but can be installed for an additional fee. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Another payment will be due at this stage. Approximately 20% of the contract price.

Tile and Coping
Please call the office as soon as you have chosen your tile, flagstone, brick and/or coping. Mosaics should be chosen at the time of your tile selection. Your contract includes any tile up to $5.50 per square foot, flagstone is included for up to $500/ton (covering 150-200 sq ft) that can be chosen from any of the suppliers shown below.

*Please provide this no later than the shotcrete phase.

KRC Rock KRC Rock Alpine Rock and Block
11655 Woodside Avenue 315 E Carmel 13288 Highway 8 Business
Lakeside an Marcos Lakeside
619-443-8153 760-744-1036 619-561-6003
Modern Builders National Pool Tile Thompson Bldg. Materials
825 Grand Ave. 1166 Sesler Street, Suit C 6618 Federal Blvd.
San Marcos El Cajon 92020 Lemon Grove
760-591-4570 619-449-2545 619-287-9410



“Mastic” is a rubberized flexible sealant placed between the deck and the coping. It serves two important purposes.

First, it helps prevent water from running into the ground below the deck. If water does penetrate the ground, it often causes swelling which can cause the deck to shift or crack.

Second, the mastic provides for an expansion joint, allowing for the natural swelling and contracting of the cement. Expansion joints are necessary because concrete expands when it gets hot and shrinks when it gets cold. This normal change in size can cause cracking or other problems.

The mastic is usually installed about two weeks after the pool has been completed and started up. This waiting period allows the deck to settle and cure properly. Mastic placement usually takes about half a day.


While it is not always possible to do so, when it can be done, it is advisable to complete the landscaping before plastering your pool. This is because the fertilizers used in landscaping can be very harmful to pool water, and may cause discolor or permanently stain new plaster. We would be happy to put you in touch with a landscaper to assist you in this phase.

Although Landscape installation occurs fairly late in the construction schedule, it is important that you start planning for it very early, preferably as soon as you design the shape and location of your new pool.

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