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When Should I Start Building My Oasis?

Picture the springtime, with flowers blooming and the sun beating down. Now picture yourself sitting by the pool while the kids splash away.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Even though the cold is coming in for Christmas, it’s time to start on that pool!

To be ready for the May rays, NOW is the time to start your pool.   With a typical pool taking 2-3 months to complete, it’s imperative to start early.   A quality job takes time, communication between home owner and contractor, and choosing the right materials for the job.  For example, sometimes it takes more time to order that perfect  stone or tile, or incorporate things like  bbq’s, outdoor fireplaces, and bars.    The last thing you need is the stress of trying to cram all that into a very tight deadline!

Typically, prices go up in the beginning of Spring time, because cities, equipment manufacturers, and contractors all readjust their price lists.  So, to reiterate, now seems like a good time to start the process!

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