About Us:
Superior Pools & Spas was established in December 1985 with the goal of offering an alternative to assembly line swimming pool construction through custom residential pool and spa designs tailored to suit your individual needs. We have a reputation for superior quality, innovative designs, and personal supervision by the owner through all phases of your swimming pool construction. Over the years, our business has grown from just Jack and Mary, to Josh (the oldest son) and Jessica (the youngest daughter). After all, who expects higher quality than a family with the responsibility to live up to its valued reputation?

From Josh Marshall:
I remember vividly my father coming home frustrated as the general manager of one of the Blues Brothers here in San Diego in my childhood. Why was he frustrated? The one thing you’ll notice about my father is that he’s a people-pleaser and a man of great integrity. The family motto when I was growing up was, “There are talkers and there are Doers…which one do you want to be?” Cheesy, but true. So, working for a company that didn’t stand behind its product was destroying him. Our company reflects my father’s strengths. That first contract was written on a napkin.