Chi and Kim Phung

After 4 years of debating on whether or not we should add a pool to our existing home, in 2009 we decided that it was the perfect decision for our family. A few questions came to mind, “should we put our money into this, will our family enjoy the pool often, will this add value to our home?” And the answer to all these questions was YES! We asked for an estimate from 3 different builders, and Superior Pools was the most responsive. Josh came over, listened to all our concerns, thoughts, and ideas then integrated his extensive experience and backround to help us design the perfect pool. His team put in state of the art equipment and we never had a problem with it. In 2011, we had to the opportunity to relocate homes, and I have to say, without that wonderful pool we built, we would not have sold our home for the price we did. In fact, it is still the highest selling home in our community, and it it’s because the design and functionality of that pool made us stand out as “superior”. Our new home has a pool too, but it’s not as nice as the one we built with Superior. We are so happy about our decision and the memories we created with our young kids, will always be treasured and remain priceless!