Larry Z.

I solicited Superior Pools in the early summer of 2010 for a pool that I needed designed and build at my residence. I met with Jack Marshall and at the first meeting I felt very comfortable with him and had a good feeling that he would be doing my pool. I also met with two other pool companies but did not get that same feeling with either that I did with Jack. The final three estimates were all competitive, Supererior was not the lowest but I knew that they were the ones that I wanted. I followed up with subsequent meetings with Jack and Josh and my original thought on what I wanted was turned into a great design by them and a promise to get this pool started and finished in my timeline. Being a building contractor I know what timelines mean and it was especially important in my case. I was having my son’s wedding reception at my house and I needed this pool done in time! Jack’s guys and crews worked non-stop. The timeline was very short on when this wedding and reception was to go on later in the summer. Jack was very receptive on my ideas as the pool took shape from the excavation to the finish. Jack suggested several planter and fountain details that I never would have thought of and they all turned out perfect.

The pool, spa, equipment layout, and all the finishes came together within my timeline and the pool was used at the wedding reception! It all turned out way better than how I had envisioned it. Since that time and up to the present my pool has functioned flawlessly and I only get high praises whenever anyone is over and sees the pool.
I can without reservation recommend Superior Pools for any pool or spa project. Jack, Josh, and Jessica made this project run seamlessly and turn out beautiful.