I picked Superior Pools after getting numerous bids from other pool companies. The deciding factor was talking with past clients and seeing the end product, even pools that had been built ten years ago. Everyone had the same positive comments about Jack and Jessica and the ease in which it was to work with them. The pools looked great and there weren’t any issues with the quality of the construction.

When I met Jack he was a friendly and very knowledgeable about what he can do and how he can make what I want come to reality. There was no pressure but I felt that he would do what ever it takes to make thing tight. I had a different contractor that did all of the hardscape around the pool and there was a lot of good collaboration at pre design meetings. Everyone was on the same page and things went smoothly.

The sub contractors Superior used were the best! I was able to be home for the entire project and interacted with everyone they used. They were all friendly, professional and very good at their trade. If questions came up during construction they were handled quickly with a phone call to Jack so nothing slowed down.

Jessica was great to deal with as questions arose. She kept me up to date when people were coming over or if there was any information she needed from me. She also met me to go over tile and coping choices that kept the project on budget. If I needed anything or had any questions, a quick text was all it took to get thing answered.

Superior was true to its word when unexpected costs arose. During final inspection, the inspector determined we needed a special back flow devise for the manual fill valve for the pool. This was an expensive valve, a $500 cost that Superior covered. They didn’t have to but they kept their word and the contract price that was signed.

I had a great experience with Superior and would use them again in an instance if I were to build another pool.